Are You Creating “THIS” In Your Business?

Often, we sign up for a business and immediately go out there and start hustling to sell those products/services and we don’t think about the bigger picture.

Selling products is great – THAT is how businesses generate income. HOWEVER, there’s something just as important and meaningful from a long term perspective

It’s about creating ASSETS.

Yes, your business should have REAL, TANGIBLE ASSETS.

Not in the typical sense that we think about assets though.

Not computers, buildings or necessarily physical things – although those items can be meaningful, they’re irrelevant in this context.

I’m referencing something FAR MORE relevant in your business…


Folks that give you THEIR most valuable asset.



Without being able to capture their attention to deliver your message – you don’t have a business.

Read that line again…

Without being able to capture their attention to deliver your message – you don’t have a business.

I call these the “Pivot Points” of any business.

There’s 2 things that you should put above all else.

1. Generating leads. Whether online or offline, lead generation is essential for your success. You can’t have a following – you can’t capture the attention of someone without this taking place first.

2. Building a community. Building a list and generating leads is irrelevant if we’re not able to get their attention.

One of the best ways to get their attention (and keep it) is to do something that is unique to you. Not necessarily the idea or concept, but doing it with your personality – your “touch”.

Here’s a few examples…

– Creating a FB Page that’s exclusive to just your customers. Here you post and share ideas, strategies and content that is meaningful and relevant to your followers. If you’re marketing weight loss, maybe you post something a couple times a day that shares a certain recipe you’ve found to be tasty and it’s quick to prepare for busy folks out there.

– Maybe it’s a blog where you have posts that are private and only those with the password can access it. Again, it’s exclusive, your following feels special and because you’re delivering awesome content that helps them solve a problem they have – they’ll love you for it.

– Private and exclusive teleconference or webinar trainings. Deliver the “goods” in a live environment. Share information that helps your folks, for no charge and watch the outpour that takes place as a result.

– Pick up your phone and call folks. This is a great technique and can be used in many applications. No selling for this purpose – just a genuine outreach on your part to see what they’re struggling with and how you can better serve them. A 10 minute call can go a long way.

– What about an OFFLINE letter delivered to them? Again, it makes them feel special…like you care about them (which I hope you genuinely do). In the letter thank them for being a customer, client (or whatever their relationship is with you). I can’t think of a better way to spend .60 cents and a few minutes of your time.

These are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

When you build a community, you’re building an asset that is truly PRICELESS.

Here’s how this will help you:

They’ll buy (or buy more) more of your stuff.

They’ll refer folks who need what you have.

They’re more likely to provide you with an awesome testimonial.

They’re a lot more likely to buy your bigger ticket products/services.

They’ll provide you with helpful feedback to help you create an even better community.

I’m just scratching the surface here.

Create a community – a tribe – and your audience will love you and, in turn, the economics will take place as well.

THAT, my friend, is building a real business with real assets.

Think Walmart, Best Buy or any other Fortune 1000 company would survive without repeat business.

Of course not.

Without folks continuing to come back to their stores they wouldn’t have a business.

boomerangIf you want repeat business – instead of a “flash and dash” business model – create a boomerang effect so your customers cycle back and continue buying your products and services.

I hope this quick blog post helps you along your journey.

Feel free to share away if this information has helped you. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on this.    🙂

Keep doing good and stay AWESOME!

All my best,

Terry Duff


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