by Terry on August 4, 2014

Is Your Marketing RELEVANT?

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One of the biggest blunders I hear from other marketers is that they’re generating leads, but they’re not able to convert them into buyers. Clients and customers – the folks that pay your bills and keep the lights on.   :)

And, I believe, at the root of the issue, it’s about being relevant.

A great example of this in action is looking at the (former) behemoth, RadioShack. Founded in 1921 by two brothers in Boston…way back in 1921.

For decades, the company make money hand over fist. To name a few of their “firsts”…

- They sold the first “all electric” calculator (on a mass scale) in 1972.

- In 1977 they sold the first mass marketed personal computer (TRS-80)

- The “Model 100″ laptop in 1983.

…and many, many other “firsts” too.

It seemed they could do no wrong…

And then, like a bolt of lightning, it all changed in the early 2000′s.

They had lost their identify, their audience didn’t know what they were really all about and they became irrelevant in the marketplace.

We can all learn a lot from this experience (and the countless other companies who have been where they’re at now…and those who have bounced back (think IBM, Apple, Starbucks, Ford and many others).

What are you doing to become relevant in your marketplace. Equally important, what are you doing to REMAIN relevant in the eyes of your target market?

I digress…

A staple in your business is lead generation. There’s a million ways to generate good, quality leads. That’s the easy part. What the “real” struggle for most is…monetizing and converting those leads into folks that pay you money – in exchange for your awesome products and services.

To do this, you MUST be or become relevant.

There’s no other formula for long-term survival.

The good news is that there’s quite a few things you can be doing to be relevant.

Here’s a couple ideas to start thinking about this…

- Sharing meaningful, relevant and timely content.

- Do you really know the big pain points and struggles your audience has? I mean REALLY know what they’re after? Seldom is it the obvious. For example, one of the niche markets we operate in is in the weight loss space – weight loss is only the byproduct of what they’re really after. Their “big desire” is confidence and self esteem – those are the “real” problems that are solutions (and marketing messages) address.

Take surveys ( and are good options)

- Focus on being a problem solver. Nothing more. When you genuinely help your prospects get to where they’re at to where they want to be, closing becomes 100x easier. No joke.

Your number one job is to solve their problems. That’s not possible unless you know precisely what they are. This is where many fail. They don’t take the time to get at the root of the issue. Selling a weight loss program? Find out what their specific desires are?

Showing others how to create an income online? Unearth the core of the issue for them.

If you genuinely want to create a 6-figure income there’s 2 things to focus on:

1. Identify the root of their pain/problems.

2. Solve their problems.

Being relevant = bringing in more bacon.      :)

We can create all sorts of fancy flow charts and upsell/downsell sequences, but if you’re not spending 80% of your time doing steps 1 and 2 above, everything else is just noise.

Get out there and let the world know what you’ve got. Share your message loudly and proudly.

There’s plenty of people who need what you have. Don’t do them…and you a disservice.


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Talk soon!

Terry Duff

P.S. I think you’re awesome!


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