About Me

Dear Friend And Fellow Entrepreneur –

Hi! My name is Terry Duff, and this blog was established to give you just a bit of information about myself and what I’m all about. If you’re looking for a Terry Duff review or to see if I’m a scam in any way, you’re in the right spot. Now, you can get what you’re looking for straight from the horses mouth.

You’re probably doing a bit of research and checking things out. I don’t blame you. This site was intentionally designed to let you know about about myself, who I am…and most importantly…

To share with you cutting edge business building techniques that are working right now.

My History…

At the age of 16 the “journey” began. Over the next few years, I got involved with several network marketing and home based business programs. I have purchased more 900 number lines, real estate programs and ‘home business kits’ than I’d care to admit to. It all sounded so simple! All you need to get is 2 who get 2, etc…and you’re rich, right?


It didn’t take long to realize that I had absolutely no clue on how to market a product, service or opportunity. Over the next several years I worked diligently on constantly trying different techniques and methods only to find myself losing more and more money.

My checking account was a direct reflection of my inability to market a product or service.

First Glimmer Of Success…

After much failure and a depleted checking account I really had to take a step back and assess some of the things that were taking place to generate my dismal results. After finished my education at Arizona State University, I reentered the home-based business arena with a vengeance. At the age of 23 I actually started seeing some pretty decent results. From the comfort of my 2 bedroom apartment I began earning as much as $20,000 a week at the age of 23.

Since my early 20’s, here are just a couple of the things I’ve accomplished:

1. I’ve grown numerous call centers from ground zero that generated millions of dollars per year. My most recent call center success generated $250,000.00 per month…within 4 months of opening its doors.

2. I’ve owned and operated one of the largest swimming pool maintenance and repair companies in the state of Arizona. I started this business literally from ground zero…nothing. I also knew absolutely nothing about swimming pools. I was “looking for a change”…and looked to the swimming pool industry.

3. My online copywriting experience and Internet expertise has led to the generation of millions of dollars.

4. To date, my knowledge and web savvy has led to more than 14,000,000 targeted visitors to websites.

This is not about ‘tooting my horn’. I want nothing more than you to understand that you’re dealing with a reputable, real life person. I’ve had some major blunders – I’ve also had a few big successes too. Most importantly – I learn every day. Both from projects that perform well and some that well…don’t perform so well.

I’m no different than anyone reading this. I’m just too stubborn to know when to give up and I understand the pyschology of people and their buying habits and what triggers a sale.

My years of online marketing and copywriting experience as well as driving targeted traffic to websites has been revolved around one simple question, “What triggers a prospect to take further action in the direction that you’re seeking?”.

What I love is exactly what I teach.

It was the knowledge I obtained from all of my failures that really allowed the lights to begin flickerin’. I had so many excuses and reasons that would justify my failure that I realized that the only thing that could change my destiny was my mindset and finally realizing that I was me that was failing. I had to stop pointing my fingers at different directions and be accountable for my lack of success.

In closing, I do want to thank you for taking a few minutes to read this information. This is just a glimmer of who I am and a few of the accomplishments that I’ve had to ensure that you’re working with a real, everyday person.

A brief word to a few of my mentors…

There are a lot of others who I give credit to for their marketing and copy writing prowess. These are just a few of the names who I have astutely studied. They deserve great gratitude and appreciation. Please accept my heart felt “Thank you”: Dan Kennedy, Corey Rudl, Gary Halbert, Claude Hopkins, Michael Kimble, Robert Kiyosaki, Marlon Sanders, Ron LeGrand, Joe Vitale, Michael Masterson, Yanik Silver and many others.

“Thank you for paving the road for marketers and providing others with a usable road map – thank you for having such a positive impact on so many lives…” T. Duff

Here’s a picture of my incredible family and I.  This is what drives and motivates me.    🙂

Dedicated and passionate about helping others…

Terry Duff

– Terry Duff

Here’s what clients and customers have said…

“I’ve been a home based business owner for over 11 years (with multiple companies) and your “plan of attack” is straight forward, to the point and it all makes sense. This is going to make all the difference in the world for me!”
– Mike Morgan, Pennsylvania

“…I went from a “working stiff” with dead end 60 hour work weeks to… …earning more than twice as much with less than one tenth the effort. And I am just beginning. Terry, thank you very much!”
– David Gallagher

“You sir, are a marketing genius and second to none at showing us “regular peeps” how to enter and dominate any market we choose to.”
– Christina Mervin, California

“My wife is now happy with cash in the bank, and 2 primary businesses that we get checks from monthly…It’s amazing what happens when you start to learn how to Add 20 to 30 People Per Week into your primary business.”
– Norman Slade

“Within 48 hours of putting your information to work I generated 18 leads. Anyone serious about building their business needs your information…”
– Michael Galding

“Just a quick thank you for putting this together Terry. I’ve generating 24 leads a day on average and actually building my business for the first time ever! Super Excited!”
– Stacie Fitchen

“…if someone would follow what you have outlined in your core module, use your templated scripts, this information will absolutely generate money.”
– Barbara Harrington