AdzZoo Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

AdzZoo Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

By Kristen S.

This is my unbiased AdzZoo review. I am not affiliated in any way with AdzZoo.

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AdzZoo is a McDonough, Georgia based network marketing company specializing in selling marketing services to businesses. It states that it is “dedicated to helping local businesses reconnect with their local markets.”

The company’s sales pitch can be summarized as follows: “While the Internet has changed the face of business forever, one large business segment has been left behind – The Local Business Owner. AdzZoo’s cutting-edge solution designs and implements a complete geo-targeted online advertising campaign providing these owners a solution allowing them to compete with national chains and major corporations.”

The Good…

I am going to put the “product” that this company offers a “good” in terms of this AdzZoo review. I am doing so not so much in terms of valuing the quality of the company’s services, but more in terms of the originality and uniqueness of the product as compared to other network marketing companies. There are few, if any, other network marketing companies offering this type of service, so competition-wise that is a good thing. Also, it is a product that many businesses need right now.

The marketing team is also a “good” for me in this AdzZoo review. The company’s four co-founders (Don Rutt, Bill Olive, Bill Anderton and Hubert Humphrey) have collectively a ton of business experience and a long history of successful business ventures between them. Also, according to one article I read, “With co-founders willing to dip into their own pockets, along with other resources and the fact that AdzZoo is debt free and profitable, it seems that funding will not be a major problem for the company.”

The Bad…

One major thing I am going to put in the “bad” section of this AdzZoo review, is the fact that the website appears to tell you absolutely NOTHING about the MLM aspect of the business. If I weren’t looking at it to review it (and already knowing it was an MLM company), I would never suspect that it was based on the website. No mention of the opportunity or the compensation plan anywhere that I could find.

Another point of concern is that this company is new and therefore a question mark. The company was only founded in March of 2010. Its competitor, LocalAdLink, is rumored to have had not only problems with payment of its distributors, but also significant issues with delivering the marketing services it advertises. There is very little track record with AdzZoo to which to look in terms of whether its software and personnel function well and effectively. Until more is known about all of that, this must be put down as a “bad” in terms of this AdzZoo review.

Another thing about this company I am going to categorize as a “bad” in terms of this AdzZoo review, is that the business/compensation model seems like it may be more difficult than most to earn money. Here’s why…. Although the company website does not talk at all about its compensation plan, what I can gather from other sources online is that money is only earned in this company by recruiting associates/distributors. The service itself does not seem to as seamlessly lend itself to that.

According to some information I read online, associates can make money on ad sales alone, although the bulk of money to be made comes from recruiting associates. The comp plan on its own is not a “bad,” under this AdzZoo review.

The Ugly…

The “ugly” part of this AdzZoo review is that someone will struggle (and have a decent chance of failing) with this business if they don’t know how to properly market it. From what I have read online, it would appear that AdzZoo unfortunately teaches the same old belly-to-belly, warm market type of marketing that just is not effective.

Someone can make a successful business with this company if they understand marketing and know how to build a downline without chasing people (and by having people chasing them). Once someone learns some marketing fundamentals, then the opportunity will go from a bad to a “good” in terms of my AdzZoo review.