LiveSmart 360 Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

LiveSmart 360 Review – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

By Kristen S. 

This is my unbiased LiveSmart 360 review. I have no affiliation with LiveSmart 360.

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One disclaimer — a small asterisk — to keep in mind when reading this LiveSmart 360 review. Because this company is SO new (it has not even had its “hard launch” yet), then doing a complete LiveSmart 360 review is near to impossible.  

So then why do this LiveSmart 360 review now (and why not wait until AFTER this company has its “hard launch” and has some time under its belt before reviewing it)? First of all, don’t worry — I’ll be back to do another review when all of that has happened. Second, and the main reason for doing this review now, is to give my thoughts on the company’s whole “lock your spot” incentive to sign up before the formal launch.

LiveSmart 360 is touted as a revolutionary network marketing company — “the last network marketing company you will ever join.” Its main bragging points are (1) the products themselves, (2) the management team, (3) the structure of the compensation package and (4) the bonuses / income potential.

The flagship products are their mists — sprays that are meant to help with everything from increasing sexual desire to losing weight. Their headline product is the 360 Mist (Zorbmax), which has a retail cost of $39.99.

The “Good”…

If the company’s press is to be believed, then there is much good to be said in this LiveSmart 360 review. The packaging of their management team — a collective $1Billion in sales, 500,000 distributors and 100 years of industry experience — sounds impressive.

They have a two-legged downline structure (like many other companies), but they claim that unlike other network marketing companies, you earn money from “every person who joins after you … whether you referred them or not.”

That claim is all part of their promotion. They are letting people who join before their “hard launch” in January 2011 get in for just $29.99 AND supposedly you will earn commissions not just on the people you sponsor, but on EVERYONE who joins the company after that. If this would be true, then this would certainly be a “good” in this LiveSmart 360 review.

Even more impressive sounding are the compensation “perks” that they offer. For example, there is the “Million Dollar Match,” wherein they “[pay] out $1 million on every person who completes the compensation plan within a 72-month timeframe” ($500,000 to the person and $500,000 to their sponsor). Then there is the “BMW Bonus” and the “Exotic Car Bonus” wherein they will put money toward a BMW for you and, if you reach the top level in the company, give you an “exotic” car of your choice for FREE.

On the surface, then, it would appear that this LiveSmart 360 review should have a positive recommendation at the end of it. Well, not so fast…

The “Bad”…

While there do seem to be some interesting and possibly very positive aspects to this company, I do have some negatives which I must include in this LiveSmart 360 review.

The biggest one — albeit a general one — is that there are a lot of question marks with this company.

Although the CEO of this company is (or was) the CEO of another network marketing company called Cyberwise, and although there are allegations online that this is not a new company at all (and is instead just another ‘Amway into Quixtar’ situation), technically this company just launched a few months ago in May of 2010. The “hard launch” of this company is not set to take place until January of next year (2011).

Also, and I scoured the Internet (and the company’s site in particular) looking for it, the exact structure of the compensation plan is a bit cloudy. It’s great to dream about that BMW or Lamborghini I will get when I get to the very upper echelons of the company, but what most people need to know is when they will earn their first dollar, what it takes to “qualify” for each level, and what the residual compensation is for each person in their downline etc. None of that is clearly articulated.

Just overall, the company is too new to be able to look at how it’s run, read reviews from people who join the company or whether the products are as good as advertised. There just plain isn’t enough information yet to be able to definitively give a good LiveSmart 360 review (or a definitively poor one). And these question marks are a “bad” for me in terms of this LiveSmart 360 review.

The “Ugly”…

One aspect of the company and its promotion that I have to put into the “ugly” portion of this LiveSmart 360 review are the promises made as part of its campaign. This is another instance of a network marketing company implying that if you join early that you will have an “advantage” over those who join later. As some of you might be aware, this cannot actually be true as it would be illegal. So the fact that this is being implied in the company’s marketing is a big red flag for me in this LiveSmart 360 review.

The other ugly part about this company (and ANY network marketing company), is that unless you understand how to market it properly, the chances of failure are virtually 100%. Neither this business — nor any other network marketing business — will not “grow itself.” And relying on the old “make a list of your friends and family” strategy will never get you to their BMW and Lamborghini levels in the company.

To make this business opportunity (or any network marketing business) work, you need to understand how to have tons of prospects chasing you instead of you chasing them. You need to know how to set up a marketing system that will work 24/7 for you. It is the way that all of the top earners in these companies get to be top earners. Period.

So while later LiveSmart 360 reviews may give a more ringing endorsement, for now I am giving it a cautiously optimistic review.