Vemma Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

By Kristen S.

This is my unbiased Vemma review. I am not affiliated in any way with Vemma.

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Vemma was founded by BK Boreyko in 2004. It is a health and wellness company whose primary products are liquid nutritional supplements. Its products are based around the Mangosteen fruit.

The “Good”…

The product line itself, for what it is, appears to be a pretty good one. If you are into marketing a health and wellness product, and solely going by the other reviews of the products that I’ve read, the products are of good quality.

The leadership team, led by BK Boreyko, has a solid history. The experience level of this team is a definite “good” in terms of this Vemma review. The fact that the company has been in business for six years and has established itself over a long period of time is another aspect of this company I am putting in the “good” portion of my Vemma review.

Vemma’s comp plan also ranks in the “good” section of my Vemma review. The substance of the comp plan itself is fine, in fact it is a binary system similar to ones used by many network marketing companies. The reason why I am really putting it in the “good” section of my Vemma review, though, is because the comp plan is so clearly and fully laid out on the company’s website. It is puzzling how many network marketing companies do not provide their full compensation plan on their website.

The “Bad”…

There is one item I am going to put in the “bad” section of my Vemma review — not because I necessarily think it is so terrible on its own, but more because it was a complaint I saw on many websites regarding this company. That item is cost. I read many a review that said that people liked the product, but stopped using it due to its cost. That might make it hard to market, and thus is making the “bad” section of this Vemma review.

With that said, remember that price is a subjective component to any product, and in any network marketing business.  Some of the best and most successful network marketing companies market higher-ticket items, and good marketing can overcome the cost objection every time.

The “Ugly”…

There is one big “ugly” that needs to be said as part of the Vemma review. Like most network marketing businesses, it will be extremely difficult to make money in this business — not to mention to make a lot of money — unless you know how to market it (and understand how to market this kind of business). The “get all your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to start drinking it” marketing strategy will NOT work here.

To be able to really build a large organization and profitable business in this company, you need to understand how to position yourself properly, how to generate an abundance of leads and how to monetize those leads. I put this part in the “ugly” section of this Vemma review because without learning these skills, failure in this business is almost a certainty.